The Golden Tiny House

August 19, 2013 6:54 pm

Waring Pro Double Burner Review

As promised I am reviewing the Waring Pro Double Burner. I have been using it for a couple months (almost daily). So far I am impressed with it’s performance. Like most electric burners, it takes a minute or so to warm up. But after that it works pretty well. We generally stay on the low settings to cook all our food. Even the smaller burner can boil water pretty quickly. It’s fairly easy to clean. Though I did get some grease stains on the burner I have yet to get off.

My only issue is that the heat seems a little inconsistent. Like it will start to cool off after a few minutes. But it hasn’t really affected our cooking. Overall, it’s perfect for the tiny house owner, or someone that just needs some extra burners.

Update: to remove stains on iron hot plates, sprinkle baking soda on plates and spray with vinegar. Use a rag to scrub the stains. You can let it soak if you need to first. Works pretty well!
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