The Golden Tiny House


Tiny House Blog

This is a wonderful resource and blog with many examples of tiny houses. It includes plans, a directory, workshops and more.

Tiny House Talk

Another great blog all about tiny houses!

Tiny House Design

In my opinion, one of the best resources for tiny house plans (cheap too)! 

Simple Solar Homesteading

This is one of the best things I have spent $7 on. Lamar goes into detail about how he built his off the grid cabin for $2000. You can buy his e-book, Off the Grid.

Molecule Tiny Homes

I was so inspired by one of their designs I decided to create something very similar for myself. They create unique and beautiful tiny homes.

Tiny Home Builders

This is a great website by Dan Louche. He has two designs: a retirement plan (no loft) and a plan with a loft. His designs are very well thought out. His blog included a lot of good information about the building process. If you want to go more in depth you can buy his building guide and/or the building plans at a very affordable price.

Serving God and Stickin’ it to the Man

I just love their story! They bought an old camper to harvest their trailer and built a very nice home for themselves.

Tiny Revolution

This young family is on a mission to show how life can be drastically simplified by sharing their tiny house build with the world. Their revolution is already gaining media interest. They also live in Georgia which is great! Andrew Odom is very helpful and their blog includes many how-to’s. 

Tumbleweed Tiny Homes

Jay Shafer is the founding father and leader of the tiny house movement. This is a great place to start.

Kanga Room Systems

I was really inspired by the design of these tiny backyard cabins.

Little House on a Trailer

These guys focus on building tiny houses for people but you can also buy plans. I really like their videos because they are informative and show many examples of tiny house possibilities.

Yes Wee Cabins

The design of these tiny homes are unique and appealing. You can have them build a tiny home or buy plans.

Vermont Tiny Houses

Peter King offers building workshops. I like his YouTube videos because he has a sense of humor and I like his message about simplifying life.

Todd Miller Architecture

Much of my tiny house is modeled after this.

Sarana Park

I love these two tiny houses for their interior design and creative use of recycled materials and space.

Tiny Tack House

These guys are down to earth and inspiring. They also got creative with their tiny house interior design.